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Milky Way, Caples Lake,
Milky Way, Stars, Lake, Astrophotography
Bluebird, Scrub Jay, Bird
Osprey, Sea Hawk, Bird
Osprey, Sea Hawk, Bird
Osprey, Sea Hawk, Bird
Sunset, mountains, lake
Yosemite, El Capitan, River, Reflection
Bulldozer, Tractor
Crane, Truck
Tractor, Sheeps Foot, Sunset
Tractor, Bulldozer, Sunset
skiff, boat, ocean, sunset, tropical
truck, GMC, sunset, hdr, light paint, old truck,
gas  pump, old, old gaspump, gas station, old gas station, sunset, Chevron, Coca-Cola,
tree, ranch, sunset, clouds,
piano, music, rock n' roll,
horse, mustang, wild mustang, wild horse, filly, Nevada. Pine Nut Range, Emmie,

"Portrait of Emmie"

Emmie is a 3-year old wild mustang roaming freely the Pine Nut Range of Western Nevada.  For me, she was love at first sight.

tree tunnel, Point Reyes, sunset,
Lauren Hoffman, Lauren G. Hoffman, Portrait, Glamour
Connie Williams, portrait, Sonora, City Council,
old farm house, rustic, farm, ranch, sunset,
old farm house, rustic, farm, ranch, sunset,
screw, sheetmetal screw, pop art,
mustangs, wild mustang, horse, Nevada, Pine Nut Range, Zorro, Rocket,
weed, Dandelion, buds, flower,
Dandelion, Weed, Macro
Old Gas Pump, Gas Station, Chevron, Sunset, Sheep Ranch

Special Commission for The Service Station Restaurant , Jamestown, CA